We offer a range of different worktops to suit every need and every budget. With a multitude of colours and materials there truly is something for everyone. From natural stone and wood to synthetic materials and laminates, the choice is limitless.


A natural material, each piece of granite is completely unique. Each slab is beautiful and characteristic in its own right, and will undoubtedly be the centrepiece of any kitchen. With a wealth of rich colour and intricate patterns, granite is the ideal material for a work surface. Naturally durable and hardy, granite will withstand the test of time, and look as beautiful tomorrow as it does today.


Flawless, and with a uniform beauty, Silestone is the perfect man-made equivalent to granite. A unique stone that is born from a combination of natural materials and today's most advanced technology, Silestone provides a smooth uninterrupted work surface without the variations that come with native materials such as granite and marble. Just as tough and everlasting as granite, silestone is the best alternative for a resilient but regular surface.

Solid Surface

Incredibly smooth to the touch and with a seamless appearance, Mistral is the perfect material for a stone-like appearance without the expense of natural materials. A 25mm solid acrylic surface which is entirely no-porous and has been designed and produced to last. It is easy to clean as well as hygienic and resistant to staining. In a range of neutral colours, Mistral has a wonderfully genuine feel to it. The nature of the materials used means that where with stone you would have joints, Mistral carries on seemingly in one continuous piece, creating a truly perfect work surface.


Solid timber work surfaces are both resiliant and elegant. Up to 40mm thick they come in a whole range of woods, from the more common such as oak and beech to the more unusual such as bamboo and iroko. As versatile as it is beautiful, wood can be cut into a vast array of exciting and unusual shapes, adding curves or bevels to create a magnificent background for day to day life. Whether varnished or left natural, solid timber is guaranteed to look exquisite in any kitchen.


The latest technology laminate is so convincing you'll find yourself looking twice. A solid chipboard core is surrounded by heat and water resistant laminate, in a vast array of colours and effects. Laminate worktops are the ideal economic solution for a low-cost kitchen with a high-end feel.

We supply a large range of worktops from the leading brands including: